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2017 Five cars discount

14:30 - 25/12/2017
There are no years of car prices in Vietnam decreased much, reduced "shock", massively reduce as 2017. "The race" discount car Vietnam market has never seen a race to reduce car prices as deep and long. 2017.

All the brands have made unprecedented reductions in order to boost market share, gain market share, and make way for new models.
Truong Hai continues to be the pioneer in the price race when announcing the price adjustment of many Mazda and Kia models in Vietnam at the beginning of the year.

Immediately after Truong Hai, Honda announced that the retail sales of these three models are being sold in Vietnam, including Honda CR-V, Civic and Accord with a reduction of nearly 200 million VND.

Remarkably, this is a price adjustment of Honda Vietnam, not a promotion discount from the belt. This means that the buyer will have the advantage when the tariffs, fees will also be reduced.

The price adjustment of Honda Vietnam is to stimulate the demand since the beginning of the year, the whole market has signs of slowdown due to the psychological expectation of customers to buy cars with better prices in 2018. In addition , another reason is not just to make way for the new model.

Soon after, many Mazda dealers announced new discounts on many of the car's luxury cars such as Mazda3, Mazda6 and CX-5 at prices that many customers "backwards".

But not only Honda and Mazda, the car's big sale in 2017 also involved Toyota, Nissan or Mitsubishi as most of the dealers of these brands also carry discount shock to stimulate.

In addition to the discounted prices as last month for most models, Toyota also made a strong discount for the Camry with a reduction of up to 120 million. Two models of the car "hot" of Toyota Vios and Corolla Altis continue to enjoy up to a hundred million.

As the "big guys" cut prices, brands with less market share will not be able to sell cars without falling prices. As a result, the Suzuki, Isuzu, Hyundai ... have to race discount. Even with many disadvantages in terms of price, the tax calculation, the car entered as Volkswagen also have to "close eyes" to sell cars and discharge "inventory".

Why car prices fall?

The biggest impact of the "price drop" of cars in 2017 is that by 2018, the import tax on cars to Vietnam with ASEAN was 0%, while vehicles with capacity Cylinder under 1.5L excise tax will be reduced to 35% and from 1.5L-2.0L reduced to 40%, the price will decrease.

Discount car - do not buy cars and then reduce car prices to push sales into the vicious circle "drag" car prices in 2017 to "bottom"

Information on the import tax scenario of 0% has led many consumers to "cross the arms" for the price of cars while the sales pressure is increasingly heavy to all manufacturers and distributors.

Therefore, businesses are anxious to increase sales in 2017. However, to do this, must have a reasonable price policy. Automakers are willing to take profits to boost sales. Because, as sales increase, the basis for lowering the selling price. Reduced car sales boosted sales even further. The most important thing is that the companies have to make customers see that buying cars in 2017 is not much difference compared to 2018, even more privileged.

The war is increasingly tending to reduce the consumer more and more cautious. Even many people "shake hands" when deciding to buy cars even if there is demand, because they just bought the day before, the car price reduced by hundreds of millions.
Discount car - do not buy car and then reduce car prices to push sales into the vicious cycle "drag" the price of cars in 2017 to "bottom".
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