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Cars imported into Vietnam increased rapidly by the end of 2017

14:34 - 25/12/2017
Figures released by the General Department of Customs show that cars imported into Vietnam in the first half of December were 7,048, of which 4,850 were for trucks and 999 for cars under 9 seats.

This level of imports has increased over recent months, generally for all models and cars. Only in the first half of December, but the number exceeded the number of September, October and November. If the pace of entry, the end of December may even be higher than the months 6,7,8. However, in the car segment (less than 9 seats) it is difficult to exceed 6,7,8 months by far.

The rapid increase of imported cars to Vietnam in the last months of the year mainly contributed by the commercial vehicles (trucks, buses), in contrast to cars accounted for a small amount, only about 14%. This phenomenon is not strange, because the last months of the year usually fall into the final batch to serve the market early next year.

Representatives of the firms also said that the car import increase is normal, not because the company tried to run more vehicles before Decree 116 takes effect from 1/1/2018.

Decree 116 has been signed since mid-October, while it has been four months since the plan to set up factory, production and transportation vehicles to Vietnam.

"Buying cars is not like consumer goods, the factory must plan before half a year to a year to produce, not want to buy a car is," a Toyota director said.

Cars imported goods, not determined the future.

Toyota Vietnam has run out Fortuner since November and also can not import in December by the plan before. Initially the company plans to start 2018 new Fortuner to return to the country, combining the release of the new version. But then Decree 116 was signed, Toyota turned hands not timely.

Some companies have cars in the last month such as Ford, Mitsubishi with number of a few hundred vehicles, dozens of lines, more than a hundred lines. These companies have a bus that until about February, then can not say anything. If there is no change in Decree 116, imported vehicles can not continue to return to Vietnam.

Many customers are worried if there is no imported car, goods are scarce, the price of the car dealer will increase. However, a number of other customers seem calm, as there are many options for assembling vehicles, not necessarily for imported vehicles.
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