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Thai car imports are crushed to explode

14:36 - 25/12/2017
According to the General Department of Customs, only 1,306 CBUs were imported from Thailand in November 2017, worth more than US $ 25 million.

Compared to the previous month, CBU imports from South East Asia have fallen by almost half in both volume and value.

By the year 2018, when the import tax reduced to 0%, the outlook of the CBU auto import from Thailand and Indonesia is very clear.

The steady decline in CBU import from Thailand will be a big surprise as the auto industry is not without any abnormalities. However, in the context that the import tax rate of CBU cars from Southeast Asian countries will be reduced to 0% since January 1, 1818, the phenomenon is easy to explain.

According to the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement (ATIGA), only a few days left the import tax rate of many items, including CBU cars, imported from the intra-country will be reduced to 0%. Compared with the current 30% tax rate, this reduction rate is significant and thus will directly reduce the retail price of vehicles meeting the tax incentives.

Therefore, there is no reason why both car and consumer businesses do not try to wait for a short time to buy cars with more attractive price.

Also from this reason, it is likely that CBU car imports from Thailand in the last month of 2017 will continue to be low, even lower than in November. This phenomenon can be imagined as a The body is compressing itself to wait for the explosion.

By the year 2018, when the import tax reduced to 0%, the outlook of the CBU auto import from Thailand and Indonesia is very clear.

According to a report by the General Department of Customs, cumulative total of CBU imported from Thailand and Indonesia in 11 months 2017 reached 46,870 units, far exceeding 31,148 units imported from all 10 The remaining countries and territories that Vietnam is importing CBU vehicles.

Meanwhile, the total value of imported CBU cars from these two countries in Southeast Asia has also reached $ 848 million, almost equal to the total value of turnover reached from the remaining 10 countries and territories. .
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