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Car rental by month

Monthly car rental package

  • - Company : Kia,Toyota
  • - Year model : 2017
  • - Car model : xe du lịch 30
  • - Seats : 5-9
  • - Colors : White, Black, Red
  • - Type of rent : All in one
Price: 1.500.000 USD
Driver's price: 2.000.000 USD
At present, there are many rental units on the market. Just one click, you can find a myriad of types of car rental services. But how to choose a car rental address? By professional month? To choose the best month to rent car rental, you need to answer the question: What is your most desired car rental month? How do you want to rent a car? Car rental by month is best? How is the service of the unit professional? Car of the Month is new and quality?

Car hirevipdanang is a company that directly manages the car. According to the only month in Da Nang, you rent a car. By the month of the other offices, other offices are renting cars of xevipdanang. Therefore, you choose to rent a car by Month at xevipdanang is the cheapest monthly rental car in Da Nang. Especially we are having big promotions only this month

Name of car: Monthly car rental package

Service: Car rental by month

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