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Pick-up the airport to Danang hotel

08:30 - 26/12/2017
You need to move to the hotel by VIP car service in Da Nang. We are committed to providing you with a safe, courteous and punctual service and ready to serve you with caring, caring.

Whether you are traveling or working with a partner, VIP Travel in Danang will bring comfort in your journey.

Coming to the VIP car in Danang, whether traveling in individual or group way can still enjoy the journey in a comfortable and punctual way.
                            Pick-up airport to Danang area quotation
          Name        Model Number of seats Color   Price ( USD)
Mecerdes E200 4 Black/white 75
Mecerdes E250 AMG 4 Black/white 75
Mecerdes C200 4 Black/white 75
Mecerdes C250 4 Black/white 75
Mecerdes C300 4 Black/white 75
Mecerdes S400 4 Black/white 150
Mecerdes S600 4 Black/white 300
Mecerdes V250 7        White  75
      Camry   2.4Q  4     Black/white   70
      Camry   2.5Q   4     Black/white    70
       Bmw   720i   5        White    70
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