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Would you buy a car or rent a car?

08:30 - 26/12/2017
The financial, car purchase price plus maintenance costs that many people ask questions should buy a new car or rent a temporary car?

Buying a new car or renting a car has advantages and disadvantages. When you own a car, you will be active in moving, the purchase of car also becomes easier. In addition, upgrading or upgrading some of your vehicle's equipment is your decision.

However, owning a car means spending a lot of money, such as: insurance, fuel and maintenance for a long period of time ... not to mention if you buy a car, there will be a financial crisis. on your shoulder.
If you buy a car that can not be paid once, the installment payment seems to be the only option. In addition, you can also get support from a bank with a reasonable loan amount, really pay attention to your income and consider the amount of monthly payments. As a loan, the bank will require an advance payment of about 10-15% of the loan amount.

Car rental - Consideration of cost

If you are worried about long-term maintenance costs, car repair costs and a range of costs incurred, renting a car will be the optimal choice. Currently, the car rental contract is very simple and you can register time arbitrary with the attached mode.

The rent is largely based on the type of vehicle and the lease period, if satisfied you can recommend a cheaper purchase than a new car. However, if you rent a car you will be subject to certain restrictions: Sign a policy, the number of km will go and compensate if the car malfunction ... There are many stories around Renting a car is especially when you and your car owner conflict when the car is damaged. If you have completed the delivery procedure, then there is no obligation to pay any additional charges.

Renting a car is now the choice of many businesses when they need it, the terms included in the pay may be much more convenient. But compared to a public car, the rental car is subject to a tax. So consider the cost when you intend to rent a car for work.
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