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35 seat Thaco Town car rental in Da Nang

  • - Company : Thaco Town
  • - Year model : 2017
  • - Car model : Thaco Town
  • - Seats : 35
  • - Colors : White, Black, Red
  • - Type of rent : All in one
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Thaco Town 35 seat car is a car designed for the original car travel should have rear engine. Thaco Town 35 seat car rental for tourists in Da Nang is the product we always recommend to you with groups of 25 or more. Tunnel luggage is widely designed, noise limit. Good sound insulation. Luxury car seats 35 seats luxury.

Vehicles equipped with high-end dashboard with multi-information dashboard. High-grade leather upholstery seats provide comfort for the customer. 35 passenger car with new vehicles from 2015 or more.


We chose Thaco town as the superior and stable quality. Products are manufactured on modern technology lines, components in accordance with standard.


The car is equipped with a diesel engine capacity of 4,760 cc. The power is 180 / 2.300 (Ps / rpm). Helps the car operate strong, durable and save fuel.


Da Nang car rental service is also many other cars that you are in demand. Such as Inova, Fortuner, Transit, Univese in Da Nang.

Do not hesitate to pick up and contact immediately: 0919.019.352 - 0905251364.

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Name of car: 35 seat Thaco Town car rental in Da Nang

Service: Rental car travel

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