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4-seat luxury car rental vios, class, good price

  • - Company : Toyota
  • - Year model : 2017
  • - Car model : vios
  • - Seats : 4
  • - Colors : White, Black, Red
  • - Type of rent : All in one
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4 seat luxury car for rent Da Nang offers. Vios 4 seater model 2017 is designed with modern floor number, automatic number, equipment extremely good. Commitment will satisfy customers all the way. Come to us - the right choice without having to worry about price.

Over the generations, the design of the four-seater Vios Da Nang is quite popular. The Vios 2017 has many different points compared to its predecessor, edge with two sets of headlights, ventilation holes with trapezoidal shape, large size and especially the combination with the metal rod is very harmonious.Vios is equipped with headlight technology halogen, Stay away, concentrate more effectively.

Car rental VIOS Da Nang
Besides, the 4-seat Vios car of our company carries a delicate beauty. New life 2017. The backlight is installed in the two outside with automatic adjustment and automatic folding, linked with a turn signal. Vios can not mention the design of sports lazang. 8 very good teardrop blades. Feeling soft and hard to describe in the rear of the car is installed backlight system with attractive wings design. The best part is that the brake light unit is installed below.


Car for rent in Da Nang good price
Wherever you are, our 4-seater car rental service with new models. Spacious space, whether sitting in the front or back are very comfortable. Beside that, you can relax with the video player displaying the parameters with relatively light color projection. On the other hand, the rearview mirror is capable of two-way control, which makes it easier to see and move cars in the dark. The chair is used in the skin of the air hole smell does not feel comfortable. Vehicles have the ability to reduce noise, fuel economy significantly.

4 seat car for rent. Choosing vios to serve customers is thanks to its outstanding advantages. Ventilation discs are specially constructed. Thanks to this, the braking loss due to thermal expansion is eliminated. Vios 2017 is equipped with two airbags for both driver and passenger in front. Accompanying that is the brake lights located in the high position to help limit the impact. This car is suitable for small family, friends group. Or pick off guests at the airport, the trip.

Toyota Vios is the right choice for long trips. Or travel far or inter-provincial trips. Our 4-seater car rental company is committed to providing new cars. With ultra quiet machine, running at high speed. Driving enthusiastic, knowledgeable local.

Come to our car rental service: Truong Sa Tourist. We will always accompany you on every journey.

    Car rental 4 seats vios: Contact booking car
    Hotline: 0919.019.352 - 0905251364

Name of car: 4-seat luxury car rental vios, class, good price

Service: Rental car travel

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