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MERCEDES E250 rental

  • - Company : MECERDES
  • - Year model : 2015-2018
  • - Car model : E250
  • - Seats : 4 seats
  • - Colors : Black
  • - Type of rent : private with driver
Price: 350 USD
Driver's price: 350 USD
VIP Car Da Nang always meet all the requirements of customers from Mercedes C200, Mercedes C300 AMG, Mercedes E200, Mercedes E250, Mercedes E300, Mercedes GLC250, Mercedes GLC 300. Mercedes S400 Maybach, Mercedes S600 Maybach. Called the prince of the car, Mercedes E250 one of the best selling car in Vietnam. Danang vibe is honored to be a Mercedes Benz E250 partner providing high-class welcome to the Lao Minister - Cambodia to visit Da Nang
VIP Car Da Nang - mercedes for rent
The legendary black color illuminates the luxury, tuning, level of the vip line. Whether it's the Mercedes E250 AMG - or the Mercedes E250 CIG, its class is always up-to-date.  The Mercedes Benz E250 is more innovative with a dashboard and clusters of doors, with dark tones giving a sense of luxury. Elegant interior, combined with top safety technology to make the Mer E250 attractive and desires of many people want to own. Overall, the front seats are quite distinctive, beautiful, luxurious and sporty, with just a few hand-crafted to create harmony and sophistication. Mercedes E250 is the perfect choice for you.
VIP Car Da Nang
VIP Car in Da Nang

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Name of car: MERCEDES E250 rental

Service: Car rental V.I.P

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