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  • - Company : KIA
  • - Year model : 2017
  • - Car model : SEDONA
  • - Seats : 7 seats
  • - Colors : white
  • - Type of rent : private with driver
Price: 125 USD
Driver's price: 125 USD
Kia Sedona is known as the versatile line, dubbed the Carnival that is the success of a flourishing time of this legendary car. Kia Sedona impresses with the powerful tiger nose grille.  Extremely spacious interior suitable for picnics, heated seats for driver's seats and seats next to the third seat can be easily accessed without folding.

The air-conditioning system for the two front seats, and the two rear seats have their own system for the convenience of central sightseeing.  All door systems are automatic, push-out - gently close the slit. Wide back you can put luggage is fit or convenient place to drop the golf clubs for the professional Golfer. 
Let’s take a look again with Xevip on the interior of the Kia Sedona. Seat on the spacious, strong and no less luxurious. Kia Sedona excels in every detail of the interior.  Finally, let's take a look at Sedona's proud car dream of the car super car lovers Luxury cars. Today, with the strong development of Gofts in Central Vietnam and the growth of ibound customers in China, South Korea to Da Nang, Kia Sedo becomes more burnt than ever.

Do not forget to call the Da Nang Vip when there is demand for luxury car rental Kia Sedona best price in Central market. 

Name of car: KIA SEDONA rental

Service: Car rental V.I.P

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