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MERCEDES E300 rental

  • - Company : MECERDES
  • - Year model : 2014
  • - Car model : E300
  • - Seats : 4 seats
  • - Colors : Black
  • - Type of rent : private with driver
Price: 400 USD
Driver's price: 400 USD

Mercedes Benz E300 is known as Superior Class based on delicate selection, outstanding from the previous generation such as C-Class, S-Class, so Mercedes E300 bolds the impression of era, and own completely new look, unique.

 mercedes E300 rental

The birth of this super-tech to confirm the level, name as well as the user's preference for the car is the pride of Germany. Vip Car

Da Nang was honored to participate in Apec held in Da Nang officially from November 6 to November 11, 1977. Please contact us for 3 standard service: Standard Car - Standard Quality - Standard Driving.

 MERcEDES E300 rental

Name of car: MERCEDES E300 rental

Service: Car rental V.I.P

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