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Vios Toyota 2017

  • - Company : Toyota
  • - Year model : 2015-2016-2017
  • - Car model : Vios
  • - Seats : 4
  • - Colors : white, gray, black
  • - Type of rent : with driver and without driver
Price: 75 USD
Driver's price: 75 USD
Toyota Vios is considered a favorite brand and population with customers and traditional taxi companies in Vietnam, as well as Uber - Grap. The main reason is that Vios from Japanese brand name - Toyota extremely infamous over the years.


With new face, dynamic, the engine is more durable, saving fuel. The reason why customers always choose Vios to accompany travel in Da Nang

Name of car: Vios Toyota 2017

Service: Car rental V.I.P

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